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Tree Frog Honey

Branding, Packaging, Art Direction
Stock Photography - Aaron Burden, Anthony Lee, Bianca Ackerman

Tree Frog Honey is a Michigan-based beekeeper who came to me looking for a more polished label and a visual identity for their honey. The company values a home-made approach and fun personality. At the same time, these values had to be balanced with Tree Frog Honey’s goal to grow their business and establish a professional brand with a higher end market.

To strike this balance, the project was broken down into two parts; the logo itself and its application on the packaging. The simple monoline icon merges a frog and a flower to create a fun and memorable image. With the brand established, the icon was transformed into an elegant Art Deco style pattern that was used on the packaging. The end result; a fun cutesy brand and an elegant package design.

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